curls + fall break

Why do I even bother curling my hair?
I curl it and a couple of hours later -- it's just a wave of mess.

According to some blogs I follow, this should help... and this too...
When I did this 'do, I used my old curling iron.
I recently bought this and used it over the weekend. I was so excited to try it out and used it two days in a row... as evidence by this post... and the football game

But there's really NO DIFFERENCE. Whether it's the curling iron or the curling wand -- my straight hair is hard to curl. 

How about you? Do you have straight, fine hair like me? What do you use when you curl your hair? please share!

During Fall Break, I took the children to the movies. Brave soul....
This is what I wore.

The movie was not super awesome but it was more the experience that mattered.

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striped top via thredUp 
LV crossbody
necklace via zulily
pink bangle, gift from my mom || similar ones below

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  1. If I really want curl to take I hairspray my hair and then curl it! You just give it a few minutes and it totally works!

    1. aaahhh.. yeah, that makes sense. I will have to try that. thank you


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