special date night

This dress has become a fave of mine. I wore it to Lucy's baptism and then to work and then date night.  That date night was extra special because it involved TWO awesome things.

first -- all you can eat sushi.
i am always skeptical about all you can eat sushi. What if it's NOT sushi grade? I don't want to go home puking.

We had a couple of people tell us about this place at the east side of town. It did not disappoint... and I did not get sick.

Second ----
The place played BSB the entire night! It played the EU/Asia album and songs NOT released in the USA. I serenaded Derrick the entire night.

He did not puke...
So I say it was a special date night. 

Oh how I wish it's date night tonight...
No biggie.
There has to be a Monday before a Friday. Otherwise, Friday's won't be special, don't you think?

How about them COLTS?!
We finally put a halt on our losing streak!
And #12 is 3-0 to #18.

I found this shirt from our walk in B-rip. I had to have it.
I am a Peyton Manning fan, always will be. I started watching football when he's the QB. He will always be super special. He won us a superbowl. 
but I am also a COLTS fan. I was not one of those who gave up on the team (and released their season tickets when #18 was released). 
I am #12 fan. He's our QB now. I rooted for the boys yesterday.
Glad they did not disappoint. 

Outfit deets
Shop away. pinks are links.

Dress via nordstrom
Booties  || pretty much sold out :(

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