end of the year {wiws}

Blanket Scarf || exact one
Valentino || use DISISD for 5% off!

Sweater, old || how about some cute light up ones!
Skinny jeans via hautelook
Blanket Scarf || exact one
Valentino || use DISISD for 5% off!
Boots, mine is sold out || save or splurge
Gold Bangles, from my grandma
Sacred Heart glass pendant via Axis Mundi || use code: FREESHIP for free shipping!

Happy Feast of Christ the King! it's the last Sunday of the liturgical year. Next Sunday is NEW
YEAR'S pretty much!

Can you all believe that I did not have my outfit photos taken for OVER A WEEK? (well that did not stop me from taking selfies.., but that will be another post!)

The crew is still recovering from a viral illness. It started with Isabel then Sebastian, who then gave it to me, hubs and baby Lucy. Daniel had something-somethiing two weeks ago. he could have been the point of entry of the virus to our home. But his symptoms did not fit.

I am excited to go back to some kind of normalcy around here. For the past week, I worked a lot. I did not have my outfit photos taken. we ate a lot of salt-laden food and tons of carbs. we did not work out because we were sick (duh). It would be nice to start fresh this Thanksgiving week.

Speaking of thanksgiving -- please join me and link up your Thanksgiving outfits. Link-up will be live at 6a EST on Thursday. I won't be ready to post my pictures then but the post/link-up will still be live.  I will update the post with our photos later that day. Bonus photo: show us your turkey photos!

Have a good Sunday, friends!
Stay healthy!

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  1. Your bag is so cute! Love it! =)

    Please Check Out My New Online Store Below! Thank you! =)

    1. Thanks, Alyssa! It's such a cute small leather handbag.


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