to proclaim || to announce {wiws}

raining?! nah. that won't stop me from taking photos

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Here's an excerpt from our pastor's Sunday message about kerygma:

Kerygma means "to proclaim" or "to announce."

 If we were asked, “What is the Gospel? What is the good news? What is it you believe as a Catholic?” how would we answer? Where can we find the most basic proclamation of kerygma, which goes even beyond words? Is there a symbol which tells the story? Yes! A crucifix. 

When we look upon a crucifix we are seeing not simply a dead man on a piece of wood. That man upon the cross is God: God is on that cross for you! God took our human weakness, our sins, our pain, our sorrows, and even our death, and made it His own. God took our humanity to Himself so that out of love He could die for each one of us.


“Proclaim the joyful message that our God is coming to earth!” This is the message of the Advent Season: God comes to take each of us to Himself that we might be His for eternity.

Have a great first Sunday of advent.
Share how you all are celebrating this "waiting" season. Any family traditions? Are you doing an advent calendar? Elf on the shelf? jesse tree? advent prayer ring?

Our  Christmas stockings are up. The small tree is decorated. I still haven't decided how we will  celebrate advent. Is lighting the advent candles enough? I am looking for a craft or project to do with the kids throughout advent. please share and give us some ideas. something that a toddler, preschooler and first grader could all do with me and Lucy.

copy the look!

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  1. Love your outfit, especially the boots. Check out Holy Heroes. They have free Jesse tree videos and ornaments that you can print and color. Perfect for that little age.

    1. I checked holy heroes -- thanks for this awesome recommendation!

  2. I am in love with that shirt! And I totally admire your dedication - taking photos in the rain!

    1. It's my OCD kicking in. "I have to have my ootd documented bec this is something I have been doing every week" -- lol. Does that make sense???


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