new baby + 10 things about my job

Introducing my NEW BABY!!!
I love, love, love this empreinte LV. 

Good thing I have these posts all lined up this week because there was NO time for blogging.
I have sick children to take care at work.
I have sick children to take care at home. 

Continuing my 100 fave things list

10 favorite things about my job
(appropriately placed here since I am  working "full time" this week aka Monday to Friday)

1.  the KIDS! Even when they are sick and whiny, pediatric patients inspire me and teach me about their resilience and strength. we could all learn from them. 

2. opportunity to work with amazing and intelligent people. I am surrounded by geniuses, innovators and super-smart diagnosticians. I cannot slack off when I am around these folks.

3. the pathology I see at the hospital and in clinic. It still surprises me how much I learn every time I step in the hospital or take care of bread and butter clinic patients.  That's just medicine in general. It's a never-ending education. 

4. part-timer - I am grateful I can split time at work and at home. Hats off to working moms who are FT moms and FT physicians. I did it before. I worked 80 hour workweeks as a mom of three. I did not know how I survived it.  I was just in survival mode. 

5. parents trust me to take care of their children. That's an honor. 

6. student doctors - I enjoy working with and mentoring medical students. I was fortunate to meet mentors during my forming years (aka medical school) and I like to pay it forward. 

7. academic center - this goes with #2. Besides the physicians in my department, i get to collaborate and interact with other specialties since I work at the academic center. Again, being surrounded by these intelligent doctors push me to read more and learn more. 

8. flexibility -  I have a say on my schedule, when I start and when I end my clinic days. This is important for me not just for this particular job/group but also career choice. Work and life balance is important.   At the hospital, it's a little more complicated. Patients have to be seen everyday. I had to come in and cover holidays before. That's not a big deal since holiday coverage is split evenly (at least in our department).

9. my coworkers - shout out to my clinic folks. You all make clinic a happy place. Another clinic calls our clinic  "place with lollipops and rainbows."  I look forward to working a full clinic because of the people who help me out and the patients. 

10. reimbursement - I love it that I am getting paid. who does not want to get paid right? 

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