what i wore when i went down the toilet

It's vest and layering season.
That's why a lot of folks love autumn. There are so many ways to spice up outfits

I love this vest. it's 5 years old and still very pretty. It's reversible. bright pink on one side ~~ may fave.. and then bright orange on the other side ~~ perfect for the fall season.

one other tidbit - it's a girls XL. 

We were invited to a children's party held at a children's museum an hour away. It has a HUGE toilet! I pretended to be a.... you know what......  Isabel was afraid to go down. I don't blame her. Seeing a HUGE toilet for a little girl -- I will be afraid too. 

Little D enjoyed the circuits table. He copied the different patterns and circuits to make LED switch, alarm, etc.

puffer vest, old || similar

plaid, old || similar  AF
Jeans  || on sale, baby!
Bracelet, gift

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  1. Ha ha...the title of your post caught my eye....cant say Ive ever done that! Love your outfit...

    super cute!
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