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Happy All Souls Day!

I was not able to get fancy photos of the children in their costumes using my big camera  -- except for Lucy's costume.

Thanks to my mom -- we have a rare gem. all 6 of us....

I present you from Left to Right -

Spiderman --- Baseball player who used performance enhancing drugs (PC way of saying: baseball dude in roids) --- Doc McStuffins --- St. Lucy --- Princess Ella --- Ninja

Here's what I used to make Lucy's St. Lucy costume.

Here's our crew trick or treating. I did not change Lucy anymore -- she was sleeping in the carriage anyway. {don't wake up a sleeping baby, right??!}

Pardon my creepy witchy laugh.  I was not even dressed up as a witch. I was an 80s dancer in tutu and all pink outfit (complete with leg warmers!)

The iMovie app also cut the portrait videos --  hence Darth Vader's head is cut off :(

I would like to see your creativity and your family's costumes. please link them here. I will keep the  link-up open till end of the month.


    An InLinkz Link-up

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  1. Such a cute fam. :) Hope to link up this week!


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