i wish... i wish

I was putting together the children's wish list for Santa and his elves and it gave me this idea -- why not make my own wish list?


Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom.... Because it all started with those last two. And if I please may have something out of this list -- may it be those last two. please, santa... ahem...cough... (mom, dad, sis, aunties, uncles, friends, hubs. if y'all are reading this!)

Starting from Row 1, left to right... let me explain.

Gold Hammered Dome Stud Earrings - I am going back to my GOLD roots. These studs are just so pretty and on sale!

Cardigan - this looks like it will keep me warm way after Christmas. I like the olive burnt  and the navy peacoat  (the photo above shows the burgundy stem... not really liking that!)

Turtleneck sweater dress - another item that looks so warm and comfy... perfect for church... perfect for work.. perfect for date night. i like the beige oatmeal heather (the color above)

Oversize turtleneck sweater - pink lush is so feminine. I want to pair this with jeans.

Criss Cross Ring - how cute is this. if I receive this Santa, I will give you a shout-out here on my blog OOTD post.

Black Faux Fur Ear Muffs - Hats mess up my hair. Maybe I can make the ear muffs work.

Faux Sherpa-Lined Ear muffs - this one is half the price. it's handwash too!

Ski Gloves - I don't ski. But I do need something that will keep my hands warm but won't get wet when playing with the kids outside... this will be perfect for sledding or whenever it's snowing!

Chunky Fair Isles Mittens - I am a mitten girl. If it's cold but not snowing, I wear my mittens.

Melissa and Doug Jacks -  This game is AWESOME! I want to see if i am still the queen of jacks! I can teach Isabel how to play this game. 

Melissa and Doug Pick-Up Sticks - I loved playing this as a kid. It will be a fun date night-game night with hubs.

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