dear santa, from my kids

Sharing what my children asked Santa and his elves this year.

Do your children have the same wishlist?
Any ideas where Santa and his elves should look for the best deals?

Ninjago DVD
My eldest has been asking me to stop by the library and borrow these DVDs. Maybe one of Santa's elves will get these for him.. wink wink.

Baby Doll Crib
Isabel is into baby dolls. Elsa, Anna, Disney Princesses, Barbies.. she will talk to them like her babies. She is still too young for American Dolls (plus they are super expensive). She does not take super care of her stuff right now.

Paw Patrol
Do you want to guess who is into Paw Patrol?
Clue: it's not Lucy.


Minecraft Lego
Daniel actually picked the super expensive, super hard Lego Minecraft. It's not really a good idea right now. Because he is only 6. These things have a lot of pieces and will take forever to build! The one above has 327 pieces. the one he chose has 900+.

baby Doll highchair
this is something to add for Isabel's collection.

Team Umizoomi
My little scribbler did not exactly choose this coloring and sticker book. He pointed at this... and this... 

Other things on the list that we decided are better left when they are older or when they are doing more chores or in the honor roll... haha. tough parents huh.

our kids are already into so much electronics.... we are holding off as much as we can on this one.
Toys R us sent us a catalog... Daniel place his initials on this one.. really?
Isabel asked for this before but then changed her mind... hmmmm....
Bastian kept pointing to this page on the Toys R us catalog... his sibs kept saying: no Bastian, that's for girls... I have no clue who Peppa pig was until I saw her in one of the patient rooms.

How about you? what is Santa getting the children this year? Are you shopping already? done already? waiting for black friday deals? cyber Monday deals?

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  1. I'm sticking to Amazon this year to make things easy on myself but would love to shop local/ small online shops maybe next year! Thanks for sharing- it's fun to get a glimpse of others' lists. :)


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