kisses for my littles

Autumn is bursting with colors.
Look at this beautiful tree!

I look like 15 on these pictures. Is it just me or it's true?

This was what i wore on that crazy target run and I took all 4 and placed them in the double seater stroller with cart.

I had a lot of questions about where to place my groceries when I have the carseat. The baby sleeps during our errands (thank you!) so I  haven't been wearing Lucy that much.

I have a system, y'all.
I place things next to the carseat, underneath the carseat, on the bottom rack, next to the seat, everywhere. Then the bags, I place those at the bottom of the cart after checking out... or I also carry a bag or two on my way out.

I am continuing my 100 fave things journal.
see first installment here.

10 restaurants

1. Mama Carolla's - a disis date  night fave. An italian restaurant has to be on this list. 

2.  Sakura - sushi... my fave!

3. Taiwan Teahouse - our family comes here after every Mass. (almost!) 

4. Zest  - this place was featured on Diners, drive ins and dives. Too bad they closed. we have been here for my birthday brunch, after fast walking a 5k at 22 weeks pregnant, several post-call breakfast dates, 3 days before Isabel was born... a lot of memories here.

5. Cafe Patachou - a close second for our fave brunch place. Hubs and i left our 6 week old firstborn for the first time and went here... I also took my 6 mo Daniel for his half birthday here. 

6. Bazbeaux - my favorite pizza place. The garden pizza (minus the avocado), bazbeaux special and pizza alla quatro  formaggio are my fave orders. we just get take outs now instead of eating there. 

7. Jasmine Thai - our fave Thai place in town. 
i order eggplant stirfy
panang curry
or the coconut chicken soup (tom kha gai)

8. Brugge - if i am craving mussels, this is where I ask to go. 

9. Fancy steak place - it can be Sullivan's steakhouse, Ruth's Chris, Morton's or Harry and Izzy's... Hubs and i still want to go to St. Elmo's. sometime....

 10.Yats - If you like cajun food, make sure you try the chili cheese crawfish etouffee here. 

Crop Top thrifted
Peplum Top via zulily
jeans, mine are old and sold out || similar
YSL Muse || use code: DISISD

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  1. Gorgeous tree! And what a fun list idea. :) I've been checking for DD&D places near us but none are less than 40 minutes away, at least. I did go to one place in CA that was on it though!


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