10 things I learned about Fire Safety

 I was one of the chaperones for my son's field trip to the oldest firehouse in Indy. I am glad I went. I learned a lot. I'd like to share these 10 things because they might help someone out there.

And it won't hurt to also have a fire drill... Helps the children and the grown ups to solidify the plan.

1. I need to have a plan. 2 ways to get out and a meeting place.
2. smoke alarm goes off = FALL and CRAWL.
3.check door with back of hand. if not hot, peek.
4. if no fire or smoke present, that's your way out!
5. if fire and smoke present, close door quick and hard! A closed door can keep the smoke and flames out for 20 minutes.
6. next way out is the window. Push window screen using cloth or pillow to protect your hands.
7. if window and door won't open -- make lots of noise. NO HIDING.
8. when you see firefighter -- give him a BIG HUG and Don't let go.
9. know your address, call 911. (this one is for the littles... and a reminder for the grown-ups to start teaching their children to memorize their home address)
10. if clothes on fire - STOP, DROP, COVER and ROLL.

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