starbucks treat

Yay! It's Friday!
I have one more day on service... Then it's party time.
Tonight, we are celebrating Isabel's birthday.
She does not turn 4 for a few more days but it's always around Thanksgiving. We have to work around the holiday so her friends are free.

I will need more than a starbucks treat after a week at the hospital.
Question: Do you prefer black coffee or the fancy drinks?

Mine is the soy vanilla no-foam latte.
I don't drink black coffee. There's always something added to the  coffee even when I make it at home. 

It's cold now... but you can layer this outfit with a pair of opaque tights and cardi.
That's the fun thing about fall. LAYERS and LAYERS. 

Lace Top + cami || this one is cute and peplum too!
skirt, thrifted
sparkly flats, sold out || similar
Vintage Chanel
Bracelet, gift from my mom
necklace, gift from my sister

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  1. I LOVE black coffee...but not Starbucks...it's too weak. So my Starbucks treat is always frilly, fancy, fun :) Happy weekend!

    1. Yes. The caffeine in Starbucks coffee is actually less. Hmm. I think that's their way of making us buy more cups of coffee? Because it's not enough. Haha


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