What I'm loving this week {five faves}

1. Salted caramel mocha
A lot of people have PSL as their holy grail of autumn. Mine is SCM. I love, love, love it. I order it:
decaf (I'm a mom of a newborn so I don't know when I can nap so I better be ready and not overly caffeinated)
No whip

It stays yummy and perfect for dessert even at the end the day when it's already lukewarm or room temp. I nurse through this drink all. Day. Long. I don't mind cold or room temp coffee.... Especially when it's like a dessert drink like this one. But I love it hot of course.

2. Nike tempo shorts
These are my walking shorts, workout shorts, every day shorts.
Pict not me. Thanks zappos model.

3. Chicco cortina Double stroller
Speaking of walks because I'm not a runner, I take my babies with me using our double stroller. It's big and bulky but the kids love it. I bet it's comfy. My Sebastian sleeps through our 2-3 mile daily walks. It's perfect because I have to push this truck of a stroller which adds to the workout.

Sebastian is at the back in the baby carrier. Isabel in front. We purchased this when Isabel was born. So two toddlers can also fit in this thing... And even two infant carriers! Very versatile.

4. Barre3
When we could not make it outside, because it's raining or the timing was just not right (baby wanting to feed, then Isabel had to be changed, then Isabel wants a snack, then baby pooped, then baby fed again, then it's lunch, then nap time etc etc), I start an online workout of barre3. I started this week at 4 weeks postpartum.

I like this workout because I like Pilates and yoga and ballet! It reminds me of my ballet classes before kids. Oh how I miss those classes. Someday, I'll bust out my leotards and tights and ballet shoes for my workout (if they even fit!)

5. Berghoff cast iron skillet
Granted, it just came today. But I love it already! Haha.
I've been dreaming of a cast iron skillet for years! And now I have one!
Can't wait to use it.

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  1. UM YES. The SCM is my favorite fall drink! That and the salted caramel hot chocolate- yum! I'm not too big on the PSL.

    xx, julie

  2. oh man! I am totally drooling over your skillet!

  3. Anonymous10/03/2013

    I caved and bought a triple jogging stoller. That of course has never been jogged with once! You are so lucky that Daniel will walk, my 4 year old absolutely refuses and our double stroller had a hard time with all three of the kids!

    I would live in those Nike shorts if I could...


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