Derrick's wise words

Me: Hun, look they're looking for a pediatrician in GA. With easy access to the coast. Signing bonus of 90,000 and base salary of 185,000. Must be the only pediatrician in that area.
Derrick: 90,000 bonus? You can get your prada bag.
Me: I can get 3 prada bags. {thinking I was being generous already leaving rest untouched and saved}
Derrick: yeah just 3 prada bags {with a smirk}
Me: and???
Derrick: because they're so expensive you can only get 3!

Still talking about purses:
Me: there's a Gucci purse worth 24,000. I don't know what it's made of.... An entire crocodile maybe!
D: yup, a baby crocodile.
Me: nooooooo!!!

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