My kids, my husband and working out {7qt}

Happy Friday!
Joining Jen at conversion diary for 7 quick takes.

1. Field trip ~~ to the pumpkin patch
My TK rode the school bus for the first time for field trip to the pumpkin patch. His smile was from ear to ear.
Be forewarned, there'll be Instagram overload of the patch and preschoolers! Maybe even a post!

^^haha, find my shadow! And I'll give you virtual 5 points!^^

2. Mummy chauffeur
I'm in charge of school pickup all week long. I've been spoiled by my father in law. when he is available, he will pick up Daniel. I didn't know what to expect but I made it with two kids in the car, out of the house on time, to pick up my eldest.... I guess, you do what to gotta do. You learn in the process.
I'm a mummy chauffeur in training.

^^very blurry Pict of my three kids in the truck^^

3. Oh sweet autumn.
You are finally here. I got to wear my Minnetonka for the first time this season. Though it's just for a quick run to the pharmacy and then school pick up. Total time I wore those fringe ankle boots: uhm, maybe 30 mins max. Plus/minus a few seconds.

4. Sweet celebration
It was a sweet celebration last Monday for our wedding anniversary. After being home all day with the kids, I get to clean up, dress up and wear my new studded wedges!

Mussels, frites and wine ~~~ that's what I chose when hubs asked what I want to eat for our anniversary dinner.
I don't have any pix of my delicious food. Cos I got such great company!
I took a pict of my Riesling when my date was washing his hands.

5. Postpartum workout
Maybe if I post my plan here for the whole world to see then I'll be held accountable?
So far here's my regimen:
Walks 1.5-3 miles each time

Once I'm cleared at my 6-week appt, I wanna go back to:
Jillian Michael's ripped in 30 DVD
Maybe some Zumba
More Barre3 ~ I signed up for one month of online workouts
Insanity??? I don't know when yet. maybe once I'm stronger, I'll tackle it.

For now... I'm happy with walks with my kiddos. I get fresh air and I get out of the house! And I'm very happy with barre3.

6. Sebastian is growing:
At his one month well child check, he is:
9 Lbs 3 oz
21 Inches

^^ATNR the fencing posture or reflex...^^

7.picture(s) I'm sharing:
Yep, she's sleeping.

Half her Body hanging off the couch

I don't know how that's comfortable.

Let's keep in touch:

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  1. Love those boots! Did you do the Barre3 videos when you were pregnant?


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