Pumpkin patch

Derrick's favorite season is autumn. His faves include: The changing colors, apple cider, trips to the pumpkin patch, our wedding anniversary..... All about FALL.

I love autumn for the same reasons... Plus the scarves, the layering looks,chance to wear my boots without the snow.

My TK had a field trip last week to the pumpkin patch. I tagged along and brought his sibs and his cousin and Lola. Here's not-so-few Picts.

^^thanks to another TK mom we had a group pict... Minus my TK though^^

There's barely any pumpkins left. And these are the "tiny pumpkins" for lil ones^^

^^aaawwhh, my little girl joined kuya D and N. She's ready for school^^

^^while waiting for Daniel to ride the bus back to school, I took pix of N and I.... Nice poses, my dearies!^^

^^hey don't forget me - Bastian!^^

^^and my big TK, leaving with his class^^

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