Sky high

Traveling with young children will either bring the best or worst out of a parent. I was not at my best behavior when I traveled with my almost 2 year old and 7.5 week old baby. Derrick is the sweetest and most helpful husband but I still found ways to raise my voice (swallowing the humility pill here and admitting my crankiness).

Low on sleep, waking up at 4:30a, no coffee yet, we were dropped off at the airport by my FIL to travel 792 miles.

My kids actually did pretty amazing. I was not given a hassle for traveling with frozen breast milk. My pump free in style which fits on the palm of my hand, looking suspiciously like an object that starts with a "B" cruised through the xray screening without problems. I was most impressed with my baby boy. Sebastian, while being held by Derrick, fell asleep while we were going through security! really!!!

Isabel had a mini tantrum after going through the metal detector. This was at 6am so I understand her moodiness. I called it a mini because she did not have her full blown crying tantrum. She did slide down from the stroller (she wasn't strapped yet) and whined. She was such a big girl walking down the plane -- all the way to the back! All 32 rows down. (why do families get placed at the back? oh yeah because kids cry!)

anyway, she needed tons and tons of encourgement while walking down the aisle. I could not pick her up because I have the baby bag, the drinks and the diaper clutch (we did not have time to stuff it back in the baby bag oops). She received compliments from the passengers: "Oh she's so cute." " look how adorable she is." One man said: "I don't blame her" when I whispered, "awesome job Isabel, go all the way down the back row"

As soon as the hum of the engines started, the two babies passed out sleeping. Lucky parents, we are! all 2.5 hours of sky high time, our Isabel and Sebastian were asleep. Sebastian woke up once to feed but went back to sleep again. He loved being cuddled by his mummy! we also got lucky that we did not have a third person at the back (who would have been the unlucky person to sit next to the D-crew! bless his/her heart!) so Isabel was able to sit on her OWN Seat!. how cool.

Isabel did not stop exploring her world. She truly enjoyed her first day of her mini vacation. She touched and pushed every single button in the hotel room. She turned on the TV and the alarm clock radio within minutes of us stepping inside the room. They gave us two Full size beds so Isabel had her own bed. She happily jumped up to one full size bed (I let her pick which one she wanted). She picked the one closest to the TV. Smart girl. She picked up the phone and started talking. She pushed all the buttons of the safe {!!!} and opened every single drawer in the room. I just love her curiosity. She reminded me to stay curious and exploring.

^^yep. Caught in the act Isabel!^^

Stay tuned for more Picts of our big D trip. {warning: more iPhone pix to come... And they're mostly underexposed, overexposed and selfies}

I'm in need of a nice camera.
And a tutorial for pic tap go from my sister.

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