I love this city {five faves}

5 things i like about Indy

1. Big city, small town feel
The Indianapolis metro area has a million people but it sure does not feel that way. It's pretty easy to get to places. The loop or interstate makes the north side accessible from the south side in 30 minutes. If you drive the loop it will take you an hour from the north side, down the east side then south side then west side back to the north side.

Since it's the Midwest, the people are also friendly.

2. Colts
It's not news that I'm a big colts fan. The last home game against the broncos was pretty awesome. Peyton manning came back to Lucas oil stadium to play for the first time since he was let go. I almost cried when they showed him thanking the crowd. The tribute gave me goosebumps, seeing the highlight passes he made to Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne.

3. Children's museum
Indianapolis has the largest children's museum in the country. There's 5 levels of fun. There's a new plays cape for babies and kids up to 5. The annual haunted house is the current special exhibit.

We got the family membership. My FIL brings the kids often enough that we got our money's worth already.

^^the dinosphere, the boys' favorite^^

^^we've got performers in the house^^

4. Downtown Indianapolis
There's bike trails and paths on major streets especially downtown. There are cultural trails that tourists and Hoosiers who work downtown could enjoy.
If you're at a convention in downtown indy, be sure to visit Historic St. John church. There's restaurants within walking distance and a mall if you'd like to take a break and window shop.

5. Family-friendly
Indianapolis is a good place to raise a family. I like our parish. I like our church. I like our neighborhood. Within a few miles of our house, there's at least two parks that we frequent. This is true for a lot of Midwestern cities. So I guess this is not something special about Indy.

We might not have the best sushi but we have decent Japanese restaurants. My kids like udon noodles while I enjoy my nigiri. We have a few favorite restaurants that we alternate visiting. The best boba in the city can be found here. It's fresh and yummy.

Indy is no Paris, NYC or LA. But it sure is home.

I'm linking up with Hallie for my five faves this week.

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