My 4 week old and 22 month old {wkww}

Such a big big day! Mr. Sebastian is 4 weeks old today.
He had his first tub bath.
We've only been doing sponge bath. His skin dries out quickly so we were not as excessive bathing him compared to his sibs. But we are pretty quick with wiping and cleaning him up because of spit ups, milk mustache etc. he sometimes let the milk drip down his neck or side of his mouth. My milk let down is pretty generous {I'm thankful I can provide for him!}

~~No complaints. He eats every 2-4 hours giving me a stretch of 4 hours sometimes but then he will cluster feed.
~~ we are practicing the bottle this week. I'm hoping to watch the Colts play on Sunday.

~~ also doing well. We go through a package of diapers pretty quickly. 96 diapers in a week!

~~ did I just see him give me a social smile yesterday? Maybe... Still not a consistent thing. I want to capture it on my cam!

^^you like the pink sling? We couldn't find the blue sling that came with blue tub!^^

Outfit deets:
Little me sleeper from nordstrom, gift // onesie by onesie // hooded towel from pb kids // bath robe from Carter's

Now for ms. Isabel.
I just love dressing her up!
I ask her: what do you want to wear today?
She replies: Tess
Oh dress!

I finally got her to wear this pretty dress with apple appliqué. I showed the pretty apples and she was convinced it's pretty!

^^waiting for daddy and kuya Daniel^^
This is all her doing. I don't tell her how to pose!

^^Showing off her new silver ballet flats. While wearing pjs!^^

Outfits: purple dress from Lola Lisa. I think it's chaps from Kohl's. Again what a surprise. It's not pink and she let me put that on her.
Pjs from Carter's
Ballet flats from zulily.

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