Girl talk {All about Isabel}

My little girl is a month away from her 2nd year birthday. Her vocabulary has exploded so much in the past few months. Derrick and I understand 90% of what she says. The remaining 10% is annoying for her because we can't understand her. But pretty much our conversations go smoothly. When they don't, there's crying, whining, the full works.

She still signs a few things. Mainly milk, more and all done. When we see a dog, she sticks out her tongue and pant. When we talk about cats or see them on her books, she touches her cheeks and signs the whiskers. It's definitely cute.

The transition of becoming an ATE {big sister} has gone well. In fact, both Isabel and Daniel love and adore Sebastian. Sebastian receives smotherings of kisses from the older two.

Isabel is still a baby. She clings more to me and Derrick. every now and then, she would asked to be picked up or cuddle with me. She cries more for attention. Once I pick her up, she stops instantly and is back to her happy self. A little bump on her leg and she cries. I give her a little kiss on the boo-boo and she is all smiles.

Some of our conversations with her:

Denk u, mummy. {my favorite. Especially when I serve her dinner or hand her her milk. She's polite and sweet}

Going down the stairs: dareful

Wowa, wowo {Lola, Lolo}

That's kut! (Cute)

Me: I point at her or her picture. Who's this?
She answers: Iyabel

Me: do you want rice, Isabel?
I: Wice and doy toss {rice and soy Sauce}

While grocery shopping, I left her and her dad to go check out the next aisle. I hear her: mummy, Wer ah u?

After I finished a workout video, she said: good job, mummy. Out! {work out}

She calls pumpkin: button (well,it sounds like button)

She calls her brothers: Yaniel & Bastian.

She is such a blessing. She is a girly girl. She is a natural when posing for the camera. I share with her my craziness for dressing up and taking pictures.

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