A Friday of milestones {7qt}

1. First day
Can you believe this is my first day alone ALL day with all three kids? Lucky me. Truly. Not sarcastic here.

I've had all three alone for a couple of hours after school or when Derrick is running quick errands. But not all three for an entire day.

There were a lot of moments that I used for my cause for sainthood. This vocation of motherhood can definitely test your patience. With all the whining and crying, I kept my patience, kept my voice down and tried to stay away from the path to hell, with a lot of "Jesus, help me." And not the use of his name in vain like jeez. It's truly a prayer. And a call for help!

We are surviving this day. It's no perfect day by all means. We left for our errands an hour than expected. We ate lunch at 2pm. Isabel only napped for 30 minutes. Daniel did not nap at all. No wonder there's a lot of whining.

Kids are injury-free. They are clean and fed. The family room is a mess. Dinner is served. It's all good.

2. Bastian's hat
His contact dermatitis is so much better. I diligently placed aquaphor on his face, neck and chest after every diaper change. That was a good reminder for me to apply the skin protectant cream.

What we are battling right now is cradle cap or seborrheic dermatitis. Oh I hate seb derm! All that white dead skin cells stuff! Looks like a very, very bad case of dandruff. Look up from his sweet, handsome face and you'll see his "white awful looking cap"

3. First library trip
Again, another milestone. I took all three to the library today. I'm so proud of them. They behaved well and listened and followed my instructions.

While kids played on the computer, Sebastian nursed (which helped our second errand). Then we might have overdone it with the books we checked out. I had 8 cookbooks plus 18 avengers, dora, spiderman, race cars, alphabet and other assortment of kids books.

^^big brother helping Isabel get Dora back on the screen^^

4. First bullseye trip
This was our second errand. I deserve a sticker that says: I survived target with three kids, driving the huge cart with the 2 front-facing seats. My plan was to place Sebastian's car seat in the cart, have Isabel ride in the toddler seat and Daniel walk next to me or hang on the side of the cart. Wellllllllll..... I know by now and have accepted that my plan is not God's plan or my kids' plans. Daniel said he can't eat his goldfish while walking. So he pointed at the huge cart and I, being such a good mom (uh-uh!) agreed.

That huge cart scared a lot of shoppers. Nobody wanted to share the aisles with us!
Bonus points: I didn't topple over any cans of tomato soup. Just in case you're wondering.

Derrick said I should have taken a picture of the huge cart with my three little piggies. Oh well, I didn't.

5. Ok moving on... Enough about today.
Let's talk about Isabel. My cutie pa-tootie is 23 months old today. (This is the shortest, quickest take ever! Because I wrote all about her here!)

6. First cavity/fall break/salon haircut
Daniel deserves a quick take if Isabel had a post all about her!

You got it already just from that header. Daniel had his first cavity filled (boo!). He is enjoying (I hope!) his first fall break. He had his first hair cut from my hair lady. I gave up with the kiddie haircut place near us. They've messed up his hair too many times.... And I'm a scaredy cat to learn to cut his hair.

7. Countdown begins
I go back to work in a week and a half....... Just when I think I'm getting the hang of things being a stay at home momma, changing diapers all day, feeding kids, cooking. It's about to change.

Nuff said. I'm gonna miss this sweet face.

Prayers, please, that the transition for all will be smooth and peaceful.

Linking up this week with Cari @ Clan Donaldson. Safe travels, Jennifer!

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