Praising, cooking, co-hosting {7 quick takes}

1. Praise God!
This week, I've got a lot to praise The Lord for!
~the government shutdown is over
~ my future is already bright! but it just got even brighter (thank you for the prayers!)

2. Kitchen crazy
I'm truly embracing this maternity leave. I've tried tons of new recipes from here, here and here. A lot are keepers for when I go back to work. Because (a) they're fast (b) they're yummy!

Sharing a few here:
Baked coconut shrimp
Bang bang shrimp per hubs, which is orange peel shrimp
Creamy Cajun chicken pasta

You'll see these on my future menu. I'd like to try:
Broccoli cheese soup, Mediterranean shrimp tortellini, Lemon garlic shrimp, Chicken mushroom pasta skillet, creamy coconut soup.

3. Children's museum
We went to the children's museum for a fun afternoon. It was a spontaneous decision.
Thanks {again} to my sister for lending me her Instagram photos.

^^Top left: kissing Peyton manning. I welcome him back to this Sunday's football game indianapolis colts vs Denver broncos^^

^^ top right: love my sister's caption. Club toddler^^
^^bottom right: there she is. My beautiful sister 22 weeks pregnant and glowing!^^
^^bottom left: eating porridge with the 3 bears^^

4. Neonatal acne turned eczema vs heat rash
My cute peanut who is 6 weeks old has very sensitive skin. What started as few pimples here and there on his face, became confluent red cheeks. It looks baadddd... I feel awful. Is it my diet? Do I have to eliminate dairy on my diet? No yogurt, no ice cream, no cheese, no creamy pasta sauces??? Aaaahhhh.

Here I am diagnosing my child. His rash looks dry like eczema. But it doesn't bother him. So I don't think it's that itchy. It also looks like a heat rash. Tiny bumps on his face, cheeks, neck and chest.

I'm using aquaphor for moisturizer on his face. But it seemed to have gotten worse after 2-3 applications. Per my pediatrician's recs, I am trying hydrocortisone 0.5% on his chest. I've only used two applications. He is just 6 weeks old and I don't want to overdo the steroid cream.

^^Look at his face... It's taken over by the rash :( ^^

I brought Sebastian to his pediatrician. She agreed with me. The rash on his face looks like contact dermatitis/eczema. The distribution of the rash is consistent with contact dermatitis. He has such sensitive skin. More sensitive than my other two.

She said no need to eliminate dairy or whatever right now. If the rash is all over his body, then it makes sense that it's an allergen from breastmilk. But the distribution looks like it's due to what he is in contact with.

Some recommendations from our pediatrician:
~ water is best for cleaning his face especially when milk drips down his chin and neck. Cetaphil cleanser ok to use.
~ may continue hydrocortisone 0.5% on chest (but for the record, it's not making much difference on his chest). I'll try at least once a day and see if the inflammation clears or improves.
~ we have been using dye free fragrance free detergent when washing his clothes. We don't use any fabric softener or dryer sheets. We Might want to use same dye free and fragrance free detergent when washing our shirts. Something is irritating his face. Could be our shirts when we are holding him. His right cheek is worse than the left. That's the side rubbing on my shirt when I carry him. I'm right handed so I carry him on my left side while I use my right hand to do whatever.
~ same thing for our sheets or blankets or whatever may come in contact with his face. We need to use the dye free fragrance free detergent.
~ may want to bathe him 2-3x per week to clear out all irritants. I bathe him once a week because it dries his skin too much. The acne actually started after his once a week bathing. I may increase it to 2-3x and see. If too drying on his skin, then back off.
~ ok to keep using aquaphor on his face to keep the moisture on his skin

Im a postpartum mom... And acting like one. I'm glad I have his pediatrician who can think objectively versus a worry wart mummy like me.

I love this comment from his pediatrician (she said this when I brought Daniel as a baby) ~~~ you're not his doctor. You're his mom.

So there you go, she gained my trust at that point. I'm their mom so I can worry all I want. The diagnosing can stay with the pediatrician!

**do you guys have any recommendations for eczema or contact dermatitis?**

5. Toddler space
My toddler and I need space. I salute all moms who stay at home, and are with their kids 24/7. I'm being honest here. I need a break from my toddler. We were fine all week last week... But this week, I'm starting to see that my patience is not as awesome as last week. Im so grateful that my FIL babysits my kids every now and then. Because absence makes the heart grow fonder, eh?

I love my girl. She is cute and sweet.
But we do need space.

^^she insisted on bringing her baby and her baby's car seat to Starbucks^^
She didn't carry it to the car or to the coffee shop. I did it. I pushed Sebastian's stroller, while holding my toddler's hand, and this very pink car seat on my other hand. I needed coffee pretty bad that morning..... And we needed to get out of the house.

6. Wiws
I am co-hosting for the first time! {happy dance!}
Thanks Kendra and Emily for letting me co-host what I wear Sunday link up this coming weekend.

Be sure to link up y'all and check out the lovely bloggers and their outfits this Sunday!

7. Operation blue
Instead of ending with "picture I'm sharing" for my last take, I'm gonna end with a happy blue Friday take. We have appointments all day today and I'm gonna be wearing jersey in support of the Indianapolis colts!

^^via @colts IG^^

Happy blue Friday! Head over to Jennifer Fulwiler @ conversion diary for more 7 quick takes.

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