Resources for student doctors and resident doctors {five faves}

Here are a few resources that helped me as a med student and as a resident.

1. Epocrates app

I used this a lot as a med student. It's a quick reference for drugs, dosing, adverse reactions and labs to monitor.

2. Lexicomp

Our institution has a subscription to this online resource. Instead of using epocrates, I use this database to search for drugs, dosing, dosage forms, side effects etc same as above.

3. Maxwell pocket reference

A must have for any third year medical student, sub-intern and intern.
It has templates for daily notes, admission orders, operative notes, transfer orders and comprehensive neurological examination!
There's also a section of lab values for common lab tests. I love my maxwell.

4. Uptodate

Again, another online resource that our hospital signed up for. It's a quick reference that is peer reviewed with background, epidemiology, diagnostics, clinical findings, management of diseases.
Uptodate was my friend all those on call nights at the hospital.

5. Gene reviews

We see a lot of genetic syndromes in neurology. We are finding more and more genes responsible for neurological diseases. I like gene reviews for a quick rundown of neurological problems, genetic problems etc. Just use google and you'll find the articles online.
These are just five easy to find resources. Books are always a good resource. But I don't carry my 1000page Aicardi or Merritt's neurology to work. Especially NOT on call! That's like jinxing myself. Med students, beware. If you bring a book to read when on-call, be forewarned that it will surely be a BUSY night!
I bring articles to read in my call and work bag. Articles are easier to transport rather than textbooks. Some textbooks can be accessed online now as well.

Happy Wednesday y'all!
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