Weekly menu 9.30.13

//What the D-crew will be feasting on this week//

Sunday: Rotisserie chicken from Costco

Monday: Chicken salad sandwich using left over chicken. Instead of croissants, we are eating the sandwich with my kids' favorite Hawaiian rolls. we eat them as an open faced sandwich with the hawaiian rolls cut in half. i also recommend using less of the dry ranch packet ~~ maybe 1/4-1/3 of the packet. It's too much flavor for me and maybe even salty.I also eat the leftovers with greens/salad instead of rolls for lunch the next day.

Tuesday: crockpot beef carnitas tacos

Wednesday: Pork Menudo ~ Filipino dish (not to be mistaken with the Mexican menudo). I'm skipping the liver ingredient. I'm never a fan of liver.

Thursday: meatloaf

Friday: I'm thinking going out to get sushi to celebrate Sebastian's one month birthday. Just looking for a good reason to eat sushi!

Saturday: barbecue pulled chicken

Linking up with organization junkie for menu plan Monday.

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  1. Your menu sounds great! I should really try and remember those chickens when we have busy weeks.


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