Weekly menu 10.14.13

Happy first day of work week to all! Not to hubs, lucky man. He's off. It's Columbus Day. There he goes... Bye, run your errands now!

Time to link up with organization junkie. Here's what I have planned:
Sunday: day at my mom's. My sis and her family are in town! Yay!

Monday: pork BBQ Filipino marinade. This meal was planned for last week but we had so much left overs. there was no need to make it Saturday.

Tuesday: **update** because of a rainy day, I'm making the soup for lunch: Quick creamy tomato soup with crusty bread. **update.. again** the soup I made is a combo of above and this recipe. I used crushed tomatoes instead of fresh and the rest of the recipe, I pretty much followed Jenna's.

Thanks to a mom from church we found this French bread from Costco! It's yummy without any preservatives.

And this for dinner:
Baked coconut shrimp. Since I saw this posted on six sisters stuff, I couldn't wait to try it. It looks yummy! I'll try this dipping sauce from Bobby Deen.

Wednesday: Crockpot Asian ribs
This recipe is a winner to my family and friends. Try it!

Thursday: lemon brown sugar chicken.

Friday: left overs or most likely dinner with my family. My sister and her fam are leaving the next day.

Saturday: Creamy Cajun chicken pasta

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