Weekly menu 10.06.13

Big week coming up! I'm back to sporting my blue to watch the colts play. And best of all ~~ it's our 7th wedding anniversary tomorrow.

My menu plan:
Sunday: we have tons of left overs. I made a lot of food last week.

Monday: anniversary!!!
Dinner out for D-Isis.

For the kids and babysitter {thanks mom!} I'm making Chicken tikka masala.

Tuesday: Orange peel shrimp

Wednesday: Beef caldereta

Thursday: dinner from our church's mom group! Thanks Mrs. R! Our moms group give meals to families with new babies. Such a cool ministry. I volunteered so I can pay back the kindness to other moms and families.

Friday: Beef in oyster sauce, From my Quick and easy Chinese food cookbook that I highly recommend. Such easy to follow recipes and they're all tasty.

Saturday: Filipino pork barbecue . Per my grandma's recipe, I add sprite or Mountain Dew for the sugar!!!

And just cause, here's a pict of the stadium. Colts won!

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  1. Anonymous10/06/2013

    This is an impressive menu! . . . Happy anniversary!


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