Pearly whites, prayer request, anniv preview {7qt}

1. Guess who's a month old?!
Bastian is.
And he just gave me his first smile!

^^winking at my mummy^^
Poor baby has sensitive skin, just like his kuya Daniel as a newborn. He is breaking out... Poor little one has neonatal acne.

2. Kids' first dental appt
Daniel and Isabel were awesome! They did so well. I'm amazed myself! Daniel cooperated when he had his bite-wing X-rays. They sat on the examination chair. They let the hygienist clean, floss and put fluoride on their teeth. They cooperated with the dentist! Just amazing. No whining. No crying. No fussing.

I think it all started at the waiting room. There were tons of toys. They also had a goody bag, received two stickers (one ~ my first dental appt, two ~ I had a fluoride treatment), picked out a toothbrush (Diego for Daniel, pink for Isabel), received few flossers and a prize after the cleaning and exam.

It might be a bit excessive? Uh-huh, I think so.
But it totally worked for my kids. No fussing. No crying.
I just sat at the bench and watched.
And praised them "nice job! guys!"

If you live in the Indy area, send me an email. I'm totally recommending this office and dentist. The dentist is very personable. She explained and showed me her findings. The entire staff is also super nice.

3. Getting ready for my comeback!
We started practicing the bottle with expressed milk this week. Why so soon? I'm getting ready for my football comeback!
Go colts! Beat the Seahawks!

And Sebastian took the bottle. Props for hubs!

4. Blue Friday
In honor of my comeback, here's an outfit that supports our indianapolis colts.

^^i still need to practice my side stance. Gazing at something.... Thanks for the posing pointers, Christy^^

^^leaning, leaning, awkward^^

Top ~ loft | skirt ~ jcrew | peep-toe kitten heels ~ bandolino | cross body ~ Kate spade | necklace ~ horseshoe pendant.

I love this purse from Kate spade. The leather is so soft. The color is perfect for football season ~~ my team's color.

5. Now onto more serious stuff.
Prayer request
~ job situation, not just for me, but for my colleagues as well......
~ government shutdown is affecting us but hopefully for not too long.

6. Back to happy stuff....
Next week, I'm celebrating 7 years of marriage with this guy.

We hoped for a trip to Italy for our 7 year anniversary. But just like my Las Vegas trip when I turned 30 ~~ it ain't gonna happen! I was pregnant when I turned 30. Kinda defeat the purpose of "having fun". This anniv, we have a newborn. So, not this year..... Someday... Maybe.

7. Picture I'm sharing.
To cheer us all up.
To remind us, though it's trying times, God is good.
We have all that we need. Just look in front of you or next to you.

Linking up with Jennifer at conversion diary for 7 quick takes Friday.

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  1. Anonymous10/04/2013

    Ack, yah the past two times we have been inpatient (three times in the last month), the nurses have been talking about job cuts and how nervous everyone is around the hospital. Hopefully they all find employment!

    Major props for getting that smile on camera!


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