what would you do?

another thrifted dress
Prada, preloved
wedges, old color, other colors here


just a couple of thoughts here. imagine you're the doctor. place yourself in my shoes.


----- What would you do? Would you shake a mom's hand who has been picking her nose the entire clinic visit?

----  I went inside the room and it smells like cigarette smoke. what would you do? Would you keep the door open and let the air out?

Would you toughen it up and suffer for a few minutes until your olfactory receptors get used to the smell? 


----- This dad changed an explosive diaper bomb. The works. The stink. The eewy stuff. He didn't wash his hands? 

 let me repeat: HE DID NOT WASH HIS HANDS. 


Would you shake his hand? 

The entire visit, I paid attention to his hands and whatever stuff he touched. His clothes, the clinic chair, the door? whoa. 

feces alert, people. 

Love these wedges.

If you are wondering what I did:

I did not shake  that mom's hand.

I used to toughen it up and close the door but then I start gagging... Now, I politely tell them that I am not used to cigarette smoke and that I will prop the door open.

I did not shake that dad's hand.

Comment below. Let me know what you'd do

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