Lucy at 11 mos old {7QT}



Joining Kelly and friends for 7QT this Friday. I asked Lucy's sibs about her. Here are 6 questions plus 1 obligatory developmental milestone update. This blog is Lucy's baby book after all.

1. How old is your baby?

Bastian: shicks
Isabel: 11
Daniel: almost turning 1

2. What do you like most about her?
Isabel: hugging
Daniel: hugging
Bastian: hugging



3. What don't you like about her? 

Bastian: hugging   (do you see a pattern here?)
Daniel: when she cries
Isabel: crying when I am sleeping

4. What's her favorite thing to do?

Daniel: laugh
Bastian: play toys 
Isabel: clap

5. What's her favorite toy?

Isabel: toy like a maracas (rattle maybe?)
Daniel: the thing that you sit on, that thing you put on the carpet
Bastian: squishy

6. Who does she look like?

Daniel: me
Isabel: She looks like Derrick.  (for which Daniel said: she does not have hair sticking out. so she does not look like Derrick.... uhm Daniel, I beg to differ. look at these photos)

7.  Developmental milestones
She is pushing herself up to crawling position but army crawls faster than crawling on all 4's. She is sitting up from crawling position. She can also dive and crawl from a sitting position. She is learning how to pull to stand. She signs "more," albeit, inconsistently.

She loves table food. We graduated from the pureed stuff already. She loves chicken, meatloaf, ground turkey, salmon, eggs, taco meat, sweet potatoes, bananas, strawberry, watermelon, mango, rice, tofu, broccoli and tons MORE.

She is teething right now. Her top 2 came in already. Two more from the bottom are ready to join in on the fun.

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