progress is slow and other victories {wiws}


On me:
skirt, BR
I am selling mine, if interested, email or comment below.
Shoulder Bag, Gucci

on Lucy:
dress via hautelook


on Bastian:
Pique polo shirt, Gap
Shorts, Carter's
Saltwater Sandals

on Isabel:
dress c/o
sandals c/o lolo and lola
band aids x 3


This skirt finally fits me. YAAASSSS!!!

I got this skirt with my BR $15 off birthday coupon last year. I was 8.5 mos pregnant with Lucy. I was tired of buying loose clothes. I saw this lovely  white highwaist pencil skirt. With the40% off sale and my birthday coupon, I could not pass it up. Even though it was not even going past my big hips. 

By the time my uterus shrunk to its prenatal size (notice, I said uterus... not my actual stomach or mommy pooch), it was already September and the skirt still won't zip! October, November, December came. I placed the skirt in my summer pile. Who wants to wear white when it's dark and gloomy and snowing?

Trying a new lipcolor in bright bombshell pink
This one is L'Oreal in pink flamingo
 earrings, old


Progress is slow. The scale won't budge. Boo. But I am seeing non-scale victories. Like finally wearing this skirt! yay!

I am not pregnant, people. my pooch is accentuated by the high waist skirt. that's it. no embryo in there.

on another note ~ another victory.
This boy is peeing in the potty. Another progress that is. very. very. very. slow. 

His face lit up when I gave him his chocolate reward after peeing in the potty.
he has a sweet tooth like his mama.


I leave you all with Mass grades:
Daniel - A
Isabel - B
Bastian -B
Lucy- B

I am feeling generous this weekend. There was whining and inattention but all, in all, I won't give them failing grades. After all, they helped out during the collection and at the end, handing out bulletins. 

Happy Sunday, friends!

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  1. Love that skirt!!! It's always so exciting when something finally fits after baby's born - sometimes those months when it's out-of-season are nice because progress towards "normal" body seems faster when you can't even think about wearing that elusive clothing item :)

  2. That skirt is SO cute!! And you look awesome!!!!!!!!! Love the vibrant, rosy pink on top as well!


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