moms do not need sleep


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Do you sleep? When do you sleep? Those are questions I get often.Since I am a mom of 4 and also a physician -- people wonder if i sleep at all.

Yes, I do.
I do sleep. 

I love sleep. I love naps. I want to sleep more than what I usually get.

Sadly, I am sleep-deprived. Sleep debt accumulates when:
{1} I am on call
{2} then I am taking care of a sick child at home
{3} I don't take care of myself and I stay on my phone instead of sleeping.

I blame my lack of height and growth spurt with my staying up at night in highschool and college. I am an early morning and/or late-night studier. that's when I studied well. Maybe because it's just me and the crickets? without tons of other distractions? those were the days of NO CELLPHONES, people. It was not like I can just keep scrolling through my instagram or snapchat at midnight. instead, I studied for that Chemistry exam or finished reading chapters and chapters of World History.



There's also something about residency that makes us, doctors, handle sleep-deprivation. 
When I was a resident on call I was up for 28-30 hours straight. That was every 4th or 5th night during intern year and 2nd year of residency. It decreased to once every week when I was in my Neurology training years.

Granted, my mental faculties are r-e-a-l-l-y slow when awake for that long. It took me a few more seconds to calculate that dose because I just want to be sure I got it right. Typing notes was the worst. I found that dictating notes when I am sleep deprived was a little better.

We also had post-call days as residents. That's when after working for 30 hours straight, I got to sleep from 2p to the next day if i can. That was before babies and it was just me and Derrick. I woke up to eat dinner and then went back to sleep. 

So when the sleep deprivation of a newborn baby came, it was not a huge SHOCK  to my sleep-deprived body. I knew what it felt like before babies.  

Earrings, present
Lipstick, here 


But sleep deprivation and sleep debt add up. 

When i have a chance, I nap a quick 20 min power nap.  However, who can take naps when there's 4 little ones to watch?

I quickly did a pubmed search. After looking at 4 pages of titles and abstracts,I quickly saw the pattern.  There are TONS of studies published about postpartum and fatigue and sleep deprivation and mood and mommy-baby bonding. We all know about the bad effects of sleep deprivation, not just for moms, but for everybody.

Obviously, my title is incorrect. 
our society thinks moms do not need sleep.

I disagree. We, moms, must take care of ourselves. Because if we don't, how can we take care of our little ones?

Hi Bellie, you are so cute!


Here are a few links if you want to read more:
Physician performance decreases when sleep deprived.
Maternal and fetal outcomes and sleep deprivation

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