are you a complainer? or you try to find the silver lining?

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I try to surround myself with like-minded folks. However, in my field, I am surrounded by a lot of different folks. that's fine. I like diversity. I have nothing against people with different faiths and beliefs. 

I have worked with folks who are cheerful and happy about their job.
I have worked with folks who came in every single day with a sour face and what came out of their mouths are complaints.  These are not awful nurses or doctors etc. They are good at what they do. 

I sit and ponder what's different about them and me... and why I chose to be happy. Why I choose to be positive.


I try not to complain. If I do, I want it to be for something, not just to vent or complain. I try to come up with a solution. That is to either solve what I am whining about or to change my way of thinking. 

This is not just for the young and the grown-ups but also with the "very old." It's not too late to change your attitude if you are 90 or a 100! If you are 85 or older, your 5-year survival rate is 55.6% if you have high morale compared to those with low morale (only 33.1%)

Let's look at it from a different point of view. How about if you're a pessimist?

^The look says: "Are you for real?"^


Don't misunderstand me. I don't go to church just to have a "healthy life." You all know by now that I believe.  This is not to convert you to Catholicism or Christianity. I am just fascinated that they did this study and published it. So i want to share.

I remind myself and my patients that the MIND-BODY connection is real and strong. 
The way we think shows in our bodily functions. 

If I am stressed, I have irritable bowel. If I am anxious, my heart rate shoots up and I cannot focus. 


^these flowers make me so happy^

^ Lucy likes them too^

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