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Isabel: mummy, is it Sunday today?
Me: yes

Isabel: no school. no work?
Me: yes...  But I am actually working today... But I did not have to go in.

Isabel: so you are working at home?
Me: yes

Isabel: Like lola?          {my MIL teleworks some days}
She works at her real work... and also her pretend work.

According to my daughter, looks like teleworking is "pretend work." and my oncall is "pretend work" as well... so I wish. 


I haven't worn these heels this year. I only wear them once or twice a year. I want to wear them more but it's hard to wear 3 1/2-inch heel stilettos when corralling 4 kids.

Me: I cannot walk fast in these shoes. Could you please grab my pager?
(we are running late for church and I forgot my pager at home! eeeek)

Husband:  I know... you're... (he's looking for the PC word)

Me: useless???

Husband: yes, useless when you're wearing those shoes.

Me: I am useless but at least I look good. (ha!)

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  1. Sarah, I love a Mommy+Mini Me Style Post. You and your daughter are both beautiful. Are those swans in your pretty tank? The skirt and snakeskin pumps are gorgeous, too!

    I would love for you to join my linkup and link this pretty outfit. A new linkup is LIVE every Thursday! Thanks and have a great new week ahead!


    Ada. =)

  2. I really love this outfit -- top (swans!), skirt, shoes, bag, bracelet -- all so cute and pretty! Also like Isabel's take on call...I see her becoming a doctor some day and then she can look back on this blog post :)

  3. The swans are so fun! And I used to have that Loft skirt (love it) but finally gave it away when it just wouldn't fit pp- sad day. :(

  4. I love your outfit! I've never felt confident about pairing skirts and tops, I don't know why. I'm always worried it looks wrong, but it would open up so many other options for me. I have this skirt that's a hand-me-down, it fits perfectly, and I'm just waiting to find the perfect thing to wear with it. Who knows when that will ever be.

  5. Ha! "Useless" in heels is about how I am, too ;)


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