FriDATEs with Lucy + 7qt

Skirt, decade old
Espadrilles via zulily
Gucci , Soho shoulder bag, birthday present (and on sale!)
kisses hubs! 

Happy Friday!

1. This will be an outfit post  + seven quick takes ~~~ because I have a lot of OOTD photos waiting to be published. I don't want it to be October and I am posting a summer outfit.

 Tonight will be a TRUE FriDATE with Lucy.  Too bad we cannot go to movie dates anymore. Ms. Lucy does not sleep during movies anymore.

Daniel's award ceremony on Saturday morning is moved to Tuesday night (hurrah! we can sleep in instead of going to the baseball field at 8:45a!)


2. Homeland ~ Thanks for the recommendation, Laura. I got the first season from the library and so far liking it. I just had to wiki it... spoiler alert for those not wanting to know!!!

Looks like Brody won't be in seasons 4 or 5 etc....

3. There was a big thunderstorm that brought 3 inches of rain in 1.5 hours and strong winds that knocked down tree limbs and powerlines. We did not have electricity for 6 hours. we made the decision to spend the night at my mom's. we opened all the windows and it was still warm inside the house. There were 4 big stoplights that were out. 

of course, by the time we arrived at my mom's, the power went back on. at that point, we were just tired that we stayed there. 

The next day, our water heater broke.


These are my all-time fave type of sandals. I got these animal print ones from zulily. They have the best heel height. They are comfy. I am just sad that the sole is  on its last few wears :(


5. Summer
My FIL is a saint. Just like my husband. The apple does not fall far from the tree... (I am bad at idioms.. Did I get that one correctly?)

He has the crew 3 days a week -- when I go to work. I have the children 2 days a week and I have even more respect for my sister and so many more SAHM. 

I keep them busy with workbooks and library trips....
But I also created a bad habit. we like our sweets in the D-household. Steak and Shake has their happy hour 1/2 off milkshakes from 2-5p. After a trip to the library, we stop by the S&S drivethru. Bad, bad habit. those shakes have 700-800 calories! eeekkkkk. 

in terms of workbooks, we are using this for Daniel... and this for isabel...
Any recommendations for the 2.5 year old toddler???


6. Congrats to my dear friend, Sylvia. She's expecting her 5th girl (maybe boy!) due in January. if you don't follow her blog. Go check it out... now!

She's smart. her girls are adorable! she has amazing taste in children's clothing... and I love her recipes!



7. Last take ~
Happy birthday to my dad!

Belated Happy birthday to my MIL!

And advance happy birthday to my cousin, ate Yam!

the month of June is filled with birthdays. I love it.

Next week, we will be celebrating this beautiful baby's 1st birthday.

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  1. You and your sweet family are so photogenic! Lucy is getting so old! What a cutie! Hope you guys have a good weekend!

    1. You're so sweet! Maybe we will see you at Mass this weekend ;)
      (Keep the kitchen photos coming. I'm in love with your decor!)

  2. Aw, thanks for the shoutout, friend! I really love espadrilles too. Spain really knows how to make good shoes. And let's be honest, we all know number 5 is a girl 😂😂


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