do i have what it takes to be a doctor and a mum?

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written a few days ago....
It's a tough day today.

I wanted to be present for my littles. But I'm overwhelmed with my to-dos. Do this. Do that. Do more. Here and there. 

 I also get this anxiety building up when they all say: mama here. Mama now. Mama please. (Sometimes there's not even a please in there).  Then add a screaming baby crawling her way towards my feet. Lucy found her voice/lungs these past few days.



 I don't mind serving... When I serve my children,  I think of this song.

But when things outside of home start pouring in and have to be addressed ~

Difficult to treat seizure patient that I'm sending to ER
Another one who is having allergic reaction to the seizure meds
Need to double book and see urgent patients
Oncall schedule came out

 I try my best to separate my work life and my home life. But it can be very difficult. When I'm home - I'm still a doctor. When I'm at work - I'm still a mom.
This balancing act never ends.

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