what highschoolers are doing nowadays


A mom told me *this (see convo below) and I about slipped off my chair. I know things like this happen all over our highschools nationwide/worldwide. But I refuse to believe the statistics. 

She said: "I was driving my son around with his friends to/from a party. He must be oblivious but I told him afterwards that his friends were high. He was surprised."



Same mom, same highschooler: "He has a girlfriend now. And they are totally having sex." 

What? Did I hear that correctly? (I did not say this out loud. But loud inside  my head!)

So I asked: what?

To which she repeated: they are totally having sex. She's nice. She's in our house ALL. THE. TIME. I don't think they are doing it in my house.... (then I saw her expression totally reflect her *fear? uneasiness? guilt? that his son and his gf are having sex in her house)




Working at the hospital has exposed me to things I don't even want to know.
A 14 yo girl pregnant. 
Meeting a 19 yo mom of 2 littles. She had her first one when she was 15.
A 16 yo who has had two abortions. 

I am not even talking about teen pregnancy here. 

I am saddened that chastity is going out the window. Even in our Catholic highschools!

I also do not believe in letting the children "learn on their own" and "experiment."
The fear of God was placed in me that I did not want to touch a cigarette, weird drugs or anything like that. I had high dreams. I wanted to get into medical school and I did not want to do something I would later regret.


^I am smiling here.. but believe me, I am not smiling when typing this. ^

I don't want to be paralyzed by fear. Fear for my children. 
But I sure need a lot of prep and prayers before preteen. Teaching chastity and purity start at a young age, agree?

To all moms of teens/pre-teens ~ I'd love to hear your thoughts/comments about chastity, abstinence, waiting before marriage, etc.  as well as talking about "experimentation", drugs, alcohol.

Even if you are moms of littles and you have wisdom to share, please help a sister out.


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  1. Anonymous6/24/2016

    Hi Sarah, I have 3 kids, one is 12. My husband is using Theology of the Body for Teens by Ascension Press. We recommend it. Lori

    1. Yes! Thanks Lori. TOB is perfect. I think I should start reading TOB for teens now.. .what do you think?

  2. I think teaching kids at a young age about consequences for actions goes a long way. I do believe at some point though they will make their own decisions and for me I just want my kids to know that I love them and that no matter what they encounter in life I will be there with them.



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