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I am cranky and in a bad mood when I am on-call. It just brings sad, bad, so sad and so bad memories. I am anti-social. I pout a lot. I can be mean. REAL MEAN. 

Here's my whining letter to the parents who woke me up at 1:00am. 
Dear parent,

Why, oh why, did you demand to "speak" with the doctor because you were afraid that your child had a breakthrough seizure while on vacation and that breakthrough seizure was because you missed giving him/her seizure meds, not once but twice in a row?

Do you need reassurance? Reassurance for what? 

Sorry, I cannot give you reassurance. I want to be compassionate. But at 1:00am, when I awoke with an RN page: "They want to speak with you."

WHY? I do not understand.
I haven't even heard of your request, my heart was already sinking. 

You want to restart that discontinued med that she/he might be allergic to? that's what you wanted to discuss at 1a?

 I am sorry, it won't change your child's outcome.  He/She is at the ER because he/she missed his/her meds. Me, saying ok, start that other med would not make a difference. 

Just because you are awake and afraid at 1:00a (my time), it might be 10ish your time. Please don't make my life miserable just because you are miserable...


Fine, fine. I took this job and whatever comes with it. 
Parent calls come with the job.

But please, make good use of MD resources.

It's one thing when I get woken up for a patient with status epilepticus (seizure longer than 20 minutes) or a Guillain Barre (life threatening acute neuropathy/ ascending paralysis that can impair breathing in its most severe form). But for something like your request? come on... demanding to speak with the doctor is for TRUE emergencies.  Yours was not an emergency. Your child's condition became an emergency because you forgot to give him/her his/her meds.  To make it even worse, you are at the ER... you have seen a doctor there. why is that not enough?

I would not call my OB just because I cannot sleep at night. I know better to call her when I am truly in labor....

please do the same. 


I want to be compassionate. please have some insight and be compassionate too. 

think through: I am afraid. My child had a long seizure. hmmm..... was it because I missed giving him/her 2 doses? but I want to talk with the doctor anyway...


ok. I am done whining.

If you made it here, I am impressed. 

your cranky doctor,
Dr. D

on a side note:
here are some cute sandals on Target... since I am cranky, should I "treat" myself with a new pair???

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  1. :( That sounds like a really frustrating call to wake up to! I'd def. be cranky!


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