little ballerina's first dance recital


Isabel had her first ballet recital this weekend. She danced "twinkle twinkle little star" wearing her pretty blue tutu and wings and wand. Her releve and hands were perfect. Her teachers say "She's a natural."

She has her parents' genes... And her mama's love for dancing and ballet and all things pretty!


Rehearsals started at 2p. Isabel's dance is #9 on ACT 1. At 3p, she was done. Glad there was a break, because she needed a nap before showtime. 

Here are her adoring fans ~ kuya, Bastian and Lucy. 
Bastian wanted to go up the stage. I think he will be willing to try jazz and/or tap. 

we still cannot convince Daniel to take lessons. His passion lies in baseball...


watch her during her rehearsals


This one is of her actual dance ~ sorry, my iphone video is taken sideways. I dropped her off backstage and waited for her till she was done. I am a true dance mom. :)

Little sister, Lucy, also made an impromptu appearance in the beginning (while the ballerina napped! she needed her nap in between rehearsals and showtime!)

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