33 things about me

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mon Monogram Neverfull MM
Wedges, Franco Sarto

33 random things about me:

1. Summer is my favorite season.
2. But I do not like the humidity. Therefore AC is my friend during the summer.
3. I love to dance.
4. But I never took formal lessons till I was in 4th year in medical school. 

5. I did not play any sports growing up.
6. I see pageantry as my "sports" growing up. of course, hubs make fun of me when I say that.
7. Besides being a doctor or a nun, I wanted to be Miss Universe. 
8. But I am only 5'2". 
9.  I love, love, love spicy food. I put Tabasco and Sriracha on EVERYTHING.
10. The cravings for spicy food did not start until pregnant with Daniel, when I started adding tabasco sauce on my scrambled eggs. Then my taste buds were forever changed.

11. I love sushi.
12. But i did not try my first raw fish till I was 20 years old.
13. I don't know how to ski.
14. My first ski experience was when I was 20 years old.
15. I started doing TV exercises when I was 8 years old. Ask my grandma. The GYM TEAM were my friends at 8a on weekdays. I did those workouts everyday during the summer.
16. I would love to go back to Paris with my husband.
17.  I love Colts football.
18. My first football game was in 2001. Manning vs. Brady. It was on TV.
19. I love purses.
20. My favorites are Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci and Prada (the top 4!)


21. I love pink.
22. I love lilies and pink peonies.
23. I can take care of my orchids. Although, I am known to overwater them.
24. I have always wanted a big family. Just did not plan to have 4 in less than 10 years.
25. I also wanted to be Queen of England. I gave that opportunity to Catherine.
26. I love Backstreet Boys over N'sync.
27. My first concert was the BSB in 2001.
28. I had my belly button pierced when I was 18 years old (gasp!) Britney Spears was a bad influence.
29. My favorite vacation spot is the beach.
30. But I like to sunbathe more than play in the water.
31. I started this blog in 2007.
32. OOTDs and purses are my therapy. Some people paint or do pottery. Some people run to de-stress. I like to plan my outfits, take a photo and blog about them.
33. I appreciate my faithful readers (and newcomers!) here. Thanks for reading (or skipping) some/most/all of my silly posts.

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  1. Love the print of that skirt and such a pretty top!
    I started using Sriracha this pregnancy and don't like fajitas or tacos without it. ;) And your peonies are so pretty!


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