the customer is NOT always right and other quick takes

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1. Am I the only one who does not sleep when something is not going so well at work? And for my work, it's not just an incomplete spreadsheet (sorry hubs, you and your spreadsheets) but usually when "something" is not well at my work ~~ it means the patient is not doing well. 

Don't they say, leave your work problems at work?
Hang your white coat at the doorway, type of thing?
well, sorry but it's hard. 


2. Another work-related thing ~ too bad that medicine is changing. It's almost like a drive-thru/take out mentality. I want my burgers NOW. My starbucks drink is not how I ordered it, so make me a new one... etc. etc.

patients are asked to be treated as clients or customers.
I am all for the informed patient model vs the paternalistic model. However, in medicine, the customer (ie the patient) is not always right. 

One study has actually shown that patients who are satisfied with their doctors, the ones who got their tests that they want or the antibiotic for that viral illness (uhm.. amoxicillin won't do a thing for your common cold, fyi) are the ones who have higher morbidity, higher hospital utilization and higher mortality. OUCH!

3. did you see my little post about optimism and general health? if not, check it out. let me know if you have other ways to stay optimistic. 

Gucci soho shoulder bag

earrings c/o bff Sheila

4. I am so proud of my little Daniel for finishing strong on his Teeball season. This was his second season and he received a special award for most improvement and good sportsmanship.

5.   we have a baby turning one year old this weekend!
here's her birth novella ~~ three parts!

And my sister gave birth yesterday to a healthy baby Eleanor! she is perfect!

6. we are scheduling our summer family photos. what color combos would you suggest?
we have done the different shades of pinks and different shades of blue combo for our parish directory photos.

we have done the purple, white and "something dark" for our extended family photos. see them here...

any recommendations?

7. hubs and I started a 21day fix extreme and body beast hybrid. we have only done one Body Beast workout but it was fun! My intention is not to bulk up per se... I want to be a "lean beast."

fave line so far from the BB workout:
time to unleash the beast
(then Sagi, the trainer, curls 50 lb dumbbells!) insert wide-eyed emoji.

Happy Friday, y'all!

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