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I debated and debated about the title of this blog post. But in the end my initial title won.

Catholics were called cannibals because we believe in receiving/eating the REAL presence of Christ in the Eucharist. However, Fr. R made a good point on his homily this weekend. 

 Our reception of this Sacrament is not cannibalism, for it is not merely the consumption of Jesus’ flesh, but of the whole Christ: Body, Blood, soul, and divinity.

 How truly great it is to receive my Savior, be one with him, to be in Communion... To be "fed" of his life-giving love.


Here's more from our pastor's homily

This is the weekend of the world-renowned Indianapolis 500 race. The best of drivers will drive as fast as they can around an oval track for a total of 500 miles, each trying to be the first to cross the finish line... But when the race is over, the drivers really have gone nowhere; they have only gone in circles, arriving at the end of the race where they all started.

Jesus doesn’t want us to chase ourselves in circles which get us nowhere.

If we stop, and truly prepare our hearts and minds for Holy Communion, and allow ourselves to recognize what we are receiving, then we stop going in circles. We let go of yesterday, we stop clinging to today, and we allow ourselves to be born anew.


My fave Mary Icon
I grew up seeing a painting of Mary of the Streets in my Grandma's house.

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I am feeling the busyness of this weekend. I am tired. The children are tired too. These social butterflies (uhm maybe fishes??) have spent two days in a row in the pool. Yesterday, we were invited to a pool party. Today, after watching the race  (on tv), we went to the pool again. Tomorrow, we get to celebrate my mom's birthday. it will also involve water. Not an actual pool... but inflatable pool and water basins and water blasters.

Thanks to our troops and vets for serving.
Happy Memorial Day weekend, friends.

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