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Not really sure if this is a tunic... but it's certainly long enough to be one. I bought this top on clearance last spring while pregnant with Lucy. I went 2 sizes up to accommodate the belly. It did not work. I tried it on and it was unflattering.

After giving birth, it's hot and humid so it went unworn... Until this weekend and it's low 60s and cloudy here in the midwest. Though it's longsleeves it's still lightweight. The sleeves can be rolled up to the elbows. I like that.

Since it's huge, I paired it with a belt (old one from Old Navy)

For tunic options: this one is under $30 and on sale.
this one under $50
and another one under $60

I will let you spot something not intentionally planned for this outfit... if you spot it, enter the raffle below. I am doing this random giveaway. Scroll all the way to the bottom  and leave your answer on the rafflecopter. There is a box there that will prompt you with your answer. The winner gets a starbucks gift card!

By the time I saw  the special item -- I was done posing....  forget it, I told my photographer. let's keep it in the photos.

(another clue: I did not even get to use this special item)

Let's also pause for a few minutes... and jump for joy. My wedding and anniversary band can fit my puffy ring finger again! yippeee! The bands are still tight and take a lot of wiggling to take out. But let's give it a day and see..... I cannot wear my engagement ring yet.  That one is even smaller in size.

Words from our pastor's homily to reflect on:

.... the idea of the Church being an unbroken chain reaching back throughout salvation history, we might ask, “If all of us are links in the chain, which link is Jesus? Is Jesus the first link? Perhaps the last link?” The answer is, “Jesus is every link; Jesus is the entire chain.” When we are baptized, we become one with Jesus, and He makes each one of our lives His own.

And if you follow me on snapchat (username: disisd); you will find the lovely choir singing in French for our French Mass.

if it's pink, it's a link.. I linked similar items for you!

Tights (gift from my grandma)
LV Montorguiel

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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