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I don't know what got to me and wear an edgy pair of ripped jeans with my vintage Chanel. Probably because I was able to wear this pair above my knees (yup the pre-preg ones cannot go past my thighs yikes!) This one is not quite pre-pregnancy jeans but what I call my big size jeans. They are usually 1-2 sizes up my regular ones. 

I got stares from the teachers and students during drop off. They were probably debating if they should give me money so i can buy a new, nonripped pair. 

I bought a couple of pink lipsticks. This one is very pale and pretty much nude. On these pictures, my lips are camouflaged! same color as the rest of my face. That's why I don't feel bad buying drugstore lipsticks. If I don't like it, then I don't feel bad that I spent $20 on a tube of lipstick. If it's something I truly love, of course, I am okay if it's slightly expensive... I just haven't been brave enough to experiment with MAC or NARS or YSL lipsticks. 

I experiment on a few shades... but by far, my fave shade is the Covergirl Burn. The orange tint in the red looks better with my lips and skin tone. It's an old color... and must  be in short supply because it's more expensive than the other pink ones I just got. 

Ms. Lucy loves date night as much as I do. She sleeps in her carseat for the entire meal. She smiles a lot and loves to coo. I got this outfit for her from the Janie and jack sale rack. The romper matches my ripped jeans and floral top perfectly!

I will be going back to work in 2 weeks. I am ready emotionally. 
I won't be able to post something everyday. I will probably go back to my 3x-4x/week posting. we just have to see. Obviously family and work come first. I cannot quit my dayjob even if I make a few cents blogging. lol. 

outfit details:
floral linen top via Hautelook
Ripped jeans in blush/pale pink BlankNYC, and it's under $30!
MK bradshaw watch
gold bangles, few options here, here, or  here   (all under $50!)
Franco Sarto
Covergirl lipstick in "ravishing rose"

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    1. It worked out well didn't it? I wore it to one of our date nights. We out to jasmine Thai! Yumm!

  2. Love those jeans! I host a weekly fashion link up and it would be great if you could stop by and link this post :)


    1. Thanks for the invite! I will "be there" next week!


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