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What a blessed day! Our Sweet Lucy is baptized.  
I still have to copy the big camera photos from my FIL but here's a preview of her sweetness. 

This is what I wore on this wonderful day....

I searched for white dresses. I looked at peplum tops and pencil skirts. Nope. I returned them. I looked for a maxi dress. I returned those too.

Then when i was about to give up, I found this cute dress on nordstrom on sale! I got the cream and black to try on but ended up returning the cream color.

It's the story of my life during breastfeeding times. I love dresses but so hard to wear them when nursing. I found this over the shoulder dress which is not quite as crazy as strapless ones but still breastfeeding-friendly.

Fringe is also the thing this season. Fringe is everywhere. Boots, Bags, Dresses

A lot of key pieces with stories behind them. 

The earrings I wore are from my mom... I wore them at my rehearsal dinner almost 9 years ago.
The red bracelet is also from her.
The gold bangles are from my grandma.
The Our Lady of Miraculous Medal ring is from my mom (again)... She has the same ring that I adored for years. I finally asked her to get me one for my birthday... and she did! 

Words from our pastor's homily:

The world has not been the same since God’s Son entered into history as a human being; His coming was a true disruption of the status quo. Through Pope Francis, Jesus will be coming in person to the United States, and a great disruption is exactly what should occur. We may remember that when Jesus entered Jerusalem on Holy Week, the crowds cheered for Him; but by the end of the week they were shouting, “Crucify Him!” Why? Because Jesus disrupted the way of life with which Israel had become comfortable. Complacency is one of the greatest enemies of the Gospel.

The New Evangelization calls for disruption of life at every level, beginning with individuals. We need to be shaken up, and challenged by the call of Jesus Christ to enter the Kingdom of God... Jesus calls us not to be conformed to the world, but rather, to transform the world through Gospel values.

pinks are links...  for old/special items, i linked similar ones. 

Dress  (on sale! only $25, folks!)
Chanel Purse (don't forget to use code: disisd for 5% off)
Earrings || splurge  ::::   save

I am going back to work this week. I hope to blog daily... but most likely I will be back to posting 3-4x/week.  Come back in a few of days and I will post the Baptism photos. Have a lovely week y'all!

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  1. Congratulations on your little one's baptism! She's beautiful -- as is the church she was baptized in! And I love the outfit.

  2. Congrats to Lucy! (And what a beautiful gown!) Also, totally loving those red heels and the fringe. You look great!

  3. Congratulations to that sweet girl!. You look beautiful - love those shoes!


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