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We joined the club of big families once we added Lucy... or maybe when we added Sebastian, my third?  We get the: "you've got your hands full" or "oh my" or "you've got beautiful children" comments. thank you.

After a chaotic Church directory photo session, an older lady from 530p Mass came over and whispered to my ear, your children..... and then stopped.... are beautiful. I honestly thought she will say, your children are  OUT-OF-CONTROL. CRAZY. LOUD.

We were at Costco one weeknight (btw weeknights are our favorite time to go there bec it's a quick in and out). we saw a family in front of us  by the rice krispies section, you know that one? the family have 5 children. Derrick said: look they have five. 

It's amazing that we who have a lot of children still look/stare/gawk/comment on other big families.

The dad in front of us turned around and said to his wife "oh look, they are as many as we are". 
Derrick said, I was just saying that we better catch up.  (Did he? I did not hear him)
Then the man pointed to his wife and said: good luck with that.
She is expecting their 6th and showing very much so!

I have always wanted big families. People are surprised because it is just me and my sister. But I grew up so close to my cousins. I have very fond memories of summer vacations spending time with them. I enjoyed Christmas vacations where we would stay up till MN or past MN just chitchatting or playing.  There are 5 of us on my mom's side and 16 on my dad's side. It was a lot of fun.

People ask us if we want more. Derrick and I (before having kids) agreed on having 4. Then we had Daniel and I had this awesome wish to have FIVE. When Lucy was born, people still ask me if I want more. I answered, absolutely! however in the past few days, call it baby-honeymooning hormones going away, but I have this sense of contentment and peace that if we have 4, then I am happy with that. We just have to see.... like what my husband says anyway: you always change your mind.  Today i am ok with 4... tomorrow maybe more.... I change my mind not just with the number of children I pray for, but with everything....  He is glad i haven't changed my mind about him (!)

When children scream or cry or run around, my aunt will say: it's the sound of joy.
I try to remember that remark when my children throw a fuss.

Never thought I will step into Target with all 4. But I did. They still let us purchase Daniel's cleats though one of the crew was missing his shoewear.

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