windy date night

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Hubs and I are such lovers of routines.. we always go to the same places for date night. I suggest a downtown place and he sometimes agree... but most of the time, he just does not want to battle the downtown traffic. We don't even live that far from downtown.

A couple of weeks ago was Devour Downtown. Again, i looked at other places hoping to try some new restaurants. But when we saw the awesome price at the Tapas place, we made our reservations there.... again lovers of routines. we always go to the Tapas place during devour downtown. 

I have  been wanting to wear this dress after wearing it for my birthday. My belly is still visible but so much smaller, eh? Lucky you, it's still available in selected sizes for only $12!

Well, let's backtrack. I did wear this dress already postpartum but it rained... I did not get my OOTD photos taken.

Then i wore this on FriDate, and it stormed again. weird. Let's call it the rainmaker dress.
it was a windy night. one would think we were in Chicago. 

Prayer request: I go back to work today. I hope the transition process goes smoothly....

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  1. I love this maxi dress. They are my go-to lately!!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane


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