mr. shortalls {photo diary of sj's party}

Labor day weekend will always be SJ's weekend. We had a simple party for him with our family and his godparents. Amazingly enough, he kept these 'shortalls' cleaned even after eating his ice cream cake. I was glad he kept the bib on while eating it. 

 Thanks Auntie Feli for the zulily gift card. I used it to purchase these cute shortalls. Sebastian's godmom said: it's something Prince George will wear. cute!

To start of, let me show you photos of his actual birthday-day lunch. {Got it?}
He loves his younger sissy so much. Photos are yellow because we were inside the restaurant. I had to go to ISO of 800 {my sister will cringe}

He knows how to pose in front of the camera. Is it nature or nurture? Genes or environment?
I say 30% genes and 70% environment. blame it on me and his older sister. 

We had Filipino food served. My mom prepped the pork BBQ  and made shrimp in coconut milk per my request. YUMMMM. Then my grandma also made stirfry veges with squash, okra, eggplant and bitter melon. Have you had bitter melon? if prepared correctly, it's not too bitter actually. 

My MIL made Pancit... See the photo below? She separated the children's pancit, which was without veggies :( the grown-ups had the real thing with cabbage and carrots. 

^^ I had to put a cameo appearance of the blogger.^^

We had an animal themed party. Guess who chose icecream cake? you would be surprised but it's not me. If given the choice, hubs will always opt for the ice cream cake. it's delish..... (and not 21 day fix approved!)

shout out to my mom again... she's the PINATA QUEEN-LOLA.  she started it last year with Daniel's party... and of course now, she has to deliver every single party. The children love it and we appreciate it, mom (and mom's sidekick, N! ) or is it really mastermind N? 

if you want to see her and her mastermind's work:
Daniel and his Samurai ranger pinata
Sebastian and his Superman pinata
Isabel and her Frozen pinata
Daniel and his SuperMario pinata

This year, she chose Marshall from PawPatrol since we had the animals theme. 

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