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disclaimer:: it's not my intention to post this as if i am bragging. i love my bag collection and i love reading posts about purses. i just want to share with y'all what  i treasure (besides my family whom you already see on this blog a lot!) so if designer purses are not your thing or you think im cray-cray for spending that much money on superficial things, then pls skip this post :) no hurt feelings.

If it's pink, it's a link: click it for easy shopping!

My photographer  (Daniel) calls this the face bag. True, you can see the eyes (bottom of the handle) and then the straight mouth (zipper). I am obviously behind on the fashion trend. The Celine mini luggage made its rise to fame in 2010-2011. Since 2014, I have been dreaming of owning one. I saw a smooth mini luggage in person (up close!) and solidified my love for this bag. But after talking with friends and researching, the smooth leather is NOT for me. The smooth leather is easily scratched. 

I am already careful with my purses ~ they never touch the floor. I ask the children to stay away and not touch them. If it's raining outside, I do not take my bags out. I don't think I could be extra, extra careful with the smooth luggage. Apparently, just a quick nick with your fingernails will do it.  Nope, definitely not for me. Although it's really pretty.

When I found this pebbled leather in red, it was an easy decision!

I have a lot of black bags before.. Then I told myself, no more black bags! Therefore, I went searching for bright colored ones. Now I have three red bags in my collection that I adore. It's safe to say, I should stop choosing red huh?

Celine has other IT BAGS  if you're a collector. They have the famous trapeze and the phantom luggage tote. If you ask me, of course I want to collect all three! But out of all three, depending on the stage of my life, functionality and savings (!), I chose the Mini. 

if you're new to Celine, Purseblog actually has an amazing ultimate bag guide for the luggage tote. 
The phantom and the trapeze are second to my heart. I cannot really decide what to get next, IF I am getting another one.... most likely NOT anytime soon!!!

Do not forget to use my code: disisd for 5% off on trendlee. if you want to take the plunge. If you do not have the moolah right now, trendlee offers financing for reasonable rates. You can pay it off in 3 months, 6 months or 12 months...

Of course, the best thing is to save money now and get one preloved and pay it all off... whatever works!

Celine mini luggage, preloved in pebbled leather (here in tricolor)

5% off code: disisd

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