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I am posting my what I wore Sunday late because of a special boy's birthday party. It was tons of fun and I am already drafting a post for him this coming week.

I have a series of questions....

Do you shop clearance racks or sale racks? Do you look for end of the season items because you refuse to pay full price a month or so ago? Do you go to the back of the store in the tiny, tiny room and squeeze your way in and look at clothes in between elbows of women around you?

I certainly answered YES to all of those questions.
I found this top in an impromptu trip. As usual, I was returning something and then i had this idea to stop by Anthropologie. Both in stores and online, you can get extra 30% off of the sale price. I found this pretty tunic and I thought it will be perfect transition piece. I can add a cardi and leggings and a pair of cute booties once the temps go down. 

For Mass grades:
I will give everybody an A. 
And it's not because I am in a good mood or extra generous this week. but the children did behave. well, sebastian did his 2 year old thing... but he is 2 years old, right? so I give him a pass. It's his birthday weekend after all. 

We even skipped our regular boba place after Mass. Daniel requested queso (aka mexican food) and I obliged. I guess, I was in a good mood. 

oh btw, these Valentino- look-alikes are a recent score from eBay! 
I don't think I will ever own a pair of V's. (never say never... maybe Santa will gift me a pair.. or I will win the lottery or something. I keep wishing)

Something to leave you about this Sunday's Gospel. An excerpt of our pastor's homily:

Jesus told the people not to tell what he had done, but they announced it nonetheless. After the resurrection Jesus commanded us to tell the good news to all the world. But now we so often remain silent. Is it because we have nothing to share about Jesus? Is it because we are not allowing ourselves to be evangelized?


What makes evangelization new is when it is not just empty words, wishing people well. Rather, the gospel is new when it is effective, that is, when it brings joy, and comfort, and instills faith, and when it has a real impact on life in the present moment. Evangelization is new when it is a true encounter with Jesus Christ, and such an encounter always makes us new.

we all need a personal relationship with Jesus. A personal experience just like with the deaf-mute on the Gospel. I need to let him work wonders in me. I need to share him to the world. 

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  1. Love the striped top! And great message by your pastor.


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