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My photographer is getting the hang of fashion blogging photography.  He now coaches me and tells me if he cannot see the purse or I am doing something funny with my face or lips. 

He even mimics me by saying: "details, details" after full body shots because I want to highlight my accessories and handbag.

He still makes fun of me when I ask for an outfit photo but he does it with an open heart either way. He knows that dressing up and blogging can be an outlet for me... a creative outlet of some sort.

Who else is following the Pope's visit to DC/NYC/Philly?  we do not have cable so we cannot watch the live coverage. we are also out and about this weekend so we cannot stay tuned online. 
Thanks to social media, I was able to  catch awesome videos and glimpses of the Pope

Here are my favorite bloggers and their instagram shots.
How cool is it to be one of the priests who got to go super close to Papa Francesco?

I wish we could have traveled to the world meeting of families... But with the visit being my first week back in clinic, I just cannot take time off again. 

Next time World Youth Day is in the US, we are definitely going... Does anybody know when that will be?

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  1. Lovely as always! I wouldn't have thought to pair those colors, but I love them on you. :)

    I'm trying to catch up on Pope coverage myself - so much goodness came from his visit!

  2. I love your shoes! I have my qualms about brownish neutrals since I've never found one that actually matches my skin tone, but I'm warming up to just thinking of "neutral" as its own color. Those blend with your skin tone really well.


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